Evidence-based specialist resource to support pupils struggling with math

Dynamo Math identifies and supports pupils at risk of developmental dyscalculia and pupils who are performing significantly below their peers in math.

Dynamo Math has two seamlessly linked core components:

Dynamo Assessment – Standardized dyscalculia assessment baselined at ages 6 to 9. It provides a profile of strength and weakness, supported by an Individual Support Plan, signposted to Dynamo Intervention.

Dynamo Intervention – for ages 6 to 8 and incorporates a purposeful triple-pathway remediation. Ideal for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.
Inclusive Special Needs audit tools to support State support schemes e.g. RTI2 and the process of Assess-Plan-Intervene.

Dynamo Math – Dyscalculia Standardized Assessment and Intervention

Dynamo Math is underpinned by a researched and evidence-based NumberSenseMMR® framework

The NumberSenseMMR® stages have been correlated by the University of Oxford Details…






We’re very proud to announce that Dynamo Math has been nominated for several awards. Below are a few achievement awards.
A huge thank you to everyone who has helped in Dynamo Math’s development over the last few years and to all the schools and teachers who have supported us.

Discover each pupil’s unique developmental number sense strengths and challenges
Catch them, support them and see them succeed.