Transformative Intervention Supporting Special Education

Designed to support 6 to 11 year old students with dyscalculia

Tailored to address math difficulties in the classroom

Supporting Special Education teachers to engage students facing math learning barriers and securing foundational number sense.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s included with Dynamo Math…

Dynamo Assessment

Dynamo Assessment is a 30-minute student-friendly online standardised dyscalculia assessment. The assessment uses a range of number related cognitive tasks to identify if the student is at risk of dyscalculia or math developmental delays. The assessment provides a Number Sense developmental profile, standardised scores and percentile rank, and an individual scheme of work signposted to a targeted and blended Dynamo Intervention.

Dynamo Standardised Dyscalculia Assessment can be used to screen students, aged 6 to 11, for potential dyscalculia or math developmental delays and can be administered up to 4 times. The assessment is informed by research from dyscalculia, neuroscience, early childhood development, and learning education. The tasks have built in features to make the assessment dyslexia-friendly.

The assessment report includes an easy-to-read Number Sense Developmental Profile with three color-coded areas: Number Meaning (Green), Number Magnitude (Orange), and Number Relationship (Blue). Dynamo Assessment identifies the risk of dyscalculia in green and orange strands and the risk of math developmental delays in the blue strand. The report covers overall time and processing speed across each strand, using an individual-difference approach for targeted intervention.

Scores provided include the raw score (the number of correct responses), standardised score (a comparison to a normative sample), and percentile rank (a relative position compared to others). This scoring system gives a clear and comprehensive understanding of a student’s performance.

Based on the assessment data, Individual Support Plans are provided. These support plans outline specific goals, targeted interventions, and strategies to help students progress in their mathematical journey. Tailoring interventions to individual needs, provides a supportive learning environment that maximises the student’s potential.

Dynamo Math values inclusivity in education, providing essential support tools for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Our tools, including the student profiler questionnaire, working out and observation notes, and a parent notification letter, enable personalised student profiles. These profiles offer insights into individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning needs, empowering SENCos and teachers to tailor instruction for effective learning experiences.

The class report feature within Dynamo Assessment allows comparison of the performance of different students within the same class. This data driven, insightful report helps identify trends, patterns and areas that may require additional support. By understanding class dynamics at a deeper level, Special Education teams can make informed instructional decisions and provide targeted interventions to meet the diverse needs of their students math learning challenges.

Stakeholder reports can easily be shared with parents, guardians and other stakeholders. These reports provide a comprehensive summary of a student’s assessment and areas for improvement. By facilitating transparent and informative communication, you can ensure that all parties involved are well-informed and actively engaged in supporting the student’s mathematical growth.

Dynamo Assessment includes a user-friendly teacher control panel that empowers educators to manage and customise the assessment tool according to their classroom needs. This control panel provides easy access to student data, reports and assessment settings, enabling educators to efficiently navigate and utilise the features of the tool.

Accessibility settings offer enhanced learning options, including enabling audible questions, fading numbers, customizable drag times, on-screen keyboard, and adjustable background colour. It allows to tailor individual student requirements and learning experiences for a more inclusive platform.

Dynamo Intervention

Dynamo Intervention is a blended and structured programme designed in small cumulative steps that uses online audio-visual models and images. It engages the student through fun and interactive online activities, ready made lesson plans, and dynamic worksheets that provide a social focus and strengthen the skills of thinking, reasoning, communication, language, self-evaluation and reflection.

Dynamo Intervention offers a comprehensive library of 600+ online interactive activities, designed in small, cumulative steps with visual models and audio-visual support. These activities cover diverse topics and interactive  games, and simulations, fostering an immersive and engaging learning environment for active participation and deep understanding. Easy data monitoring of performance, progress, and mastery that enables a targeted approach.

To support teachers in delivering high-quality instruction, Dynamo Intervention offers over 600 crafted lesson plans. These lesson plans are aligned with curriculum standards and provide step-by-step guidance on how to effectively teach various concepts and skills. SENCos and teachers can leverage these resources to save time and ensure their lessons are well-structured, engaging and promote student success.

Dynamo Intervention offers a broad selection of 600+ printable worksheets designed to confirm handwritten errors and gather additional observations. Covering diverse topics, these worksheets accommodate various learning styles and abilities. Ready to use, they enable educators to seamlessly enhance lessons with extra practice, reinforce concepts, and support students in developing skills at their own pace.

Dynamo Intervention generates visual score reports that provide educators with a clear overview of student performance. These reports use visual representations, charts and graphs to present data in a concise and easily understandable format. With this information, educators can identify areas of strength and weakness, tailor interventions, and track progress effectively.

The Intervention Mastery Report feature enables SENCOs and teachers to track students’ mastery of specific skills or concepts through visual charts. These charts highlight intervention approaches and swiftly identify areas of struggle. The report offers detailed insights into individual student progress, allowing SENCos and teachers to strategically target interventions based on needs, maximizing learning outcomes and facilitating growth.

Dynamo Intervention prioritizes inclusive education by providing support tools for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). These tools aid in personalising instruction, adapting materials, and offering suitable accommodations to meet the diverse needs of all students. The available tools include monitoring progress with lesson plans and worksheets, observing delivery of a lesson plan, school parent guide, and whiteboard features.

The auto-personalisation feature adapts the content and blended activities based on individual student performance. This personalised approach ensures that students receive targeted instruction and learning opportunities that align with their specific learning needs.

Special Education teams can create customized independent tasks for either the whole class or specific students. These activities promote self-directed practice, consolidate classroom learning, and offer opprtunities for students to utilize their acquired knowledge. The activities further extend learning outside of the classroom and foster student independence and motivation.

Dynamo Intervention celebrates students’ achievements and motivates ongoing progress with special certificates that recognise their efforts and accomplishments. These certificates boosts self-confidence and can be easily distributed by teachers encouraging students to continue striving for success.

The teacher control panel allows the teacher to efficiently manage classes, students, and collaborate seamlessly with additional teachers. This control panel facilitates organised classrooms, easy access to student data, and streamlined communication. Teachers can effectively navigate and utilise Dynamo Intervention features to enhance instruction, monitor progress, and support student learning.

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