What is Dynamo Math?

Dynamo Math is a research and evidence-based resource to support pupils with dyscalculia and those struggling with math and not meeting age-related expectations. It consists of:

  • Dynamo Assessment – Standardized Dynamo Dyscalculia Screener for ages 6 to 11 and baselined for ages 6 to 9. It provides an Individual Number Sense Profile with areas of Strength and Need, Standardized Score and Individual Scheme of Work sign-posted to Dynamo Intervention.
  • Dynamo Intervention – evidence-based structured Number Sense developmental program, consisting of a triple-pathway of blend of resources and a range of SEN support tools for teachers and pupils. It is proven to support pupils with moderate (catch-up) and severe learning difficulties.

Assess, Plan, Intervene and Review

Code of Practice

Inclusive SEN Graduated Approach

Inclusive Dyscalculia Program proven to support children not meeting age-related expectations!

Dynamo Math is underpinned by a research and evidence-based NumberSenseMMR™ developmental framework.
The NumberSenseMMR™
framework stages have been correlated by the University of Oxford Details…

Overview of Dynamo Math





We’re very proud to announce that Dynamo Math has been nominated for several awards. Below are a few achievement awards.
A huge thank you to everyone who has helped in Dynamo Math’s development over the last few years and to all the schools and teachers who have supported us.